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defacto.x and Gregor Abt establish 'defacto.smartreach Ltd.'
Posted on Jun 1, 2015

Jun 1, 2015

Munich, 19/05/2015 defacto.x, Germany's largest owner-managed CRM and dialogue marketing agency, and Gregor Abt, an expert in digital marketing and a long-time managing director of the two Holtzbrinck Digital companies, performance network and LocalPerformance, set up defacto smart reach GmbH, headquartered in Munich, on 05/05/2015. Gregor Abt, 43, will take the helm as Managing Partner of defacto.smartreach in Munich. 

For defacto.x, the collaboration with Gregor Abt represents an important expansion of its business activities: 'Our expertise In the fields Of data management, analytics And communication will now also be made available through defacto.smartreach For the acquisition Of New customers', says Jan Möllendorf, Managing Partner at defacto x GmbH. For Gregor Abt, the founding of the combined company is the logical conclusion to his career up to this point. He has extensive experience in digital marketing for e-commerce and FMCG customers and access to a network built up over many years. The customers he has advised include audible, Bild.de, Douglas, Garnier, MINI, Microsoft and Sky.

defacto.smartreach will acquire and serve new customers both in collaboration with the defacto.x companies and independently. The focus will be on the optimisation of paid media operations using all the relevant internal and external data sources, target group information and CRM data. 'We will plan, manage And optimise campaigns. The aim Is To generate maximum leads And sales With the intelligent use Of media along the customer journey', says Gregor Abt. Under the umbrella of defacto.x and together with technology partners, all the relevant digital ranges will be managed across all channels, from search, e-mail and display to video, affiliate, social, mobile and TV. 'We will contribute efficiency To the acquisition Of New customers!', says Gregor Abt. 

The newly founded company defacto.smartreach came into being on 05/05/2015 at the Munich location of defacto.kreativ which, however, is already bursting at the seams. One of the first tasks of Gregor Abt, therefore, is to find new premises in Munich for the ten-strong defacto.smartreach team.


Press contacts

Marilena Lichtenauer, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication, defacto x GmbH
Tel.: +49 (9131) 9712-2117, marilena.lichtenauer@defacto.x.de, www.defacto-x.de

Gregor Abt, Managing Partner, defacto smart reach GmbH, Auenstraße 37, 80469 Munich
Tel.: +49 (9131) 9712-0, e-mail: gregor.abt@defactosmartreach.de, www.defactosmartreach.de



defacto.x, a CRM and dialogue agency, offers the entire range of customer relationship management and dialogue marketing services. As a full service provider, the agency focuses on analytical, creative and operative expertise and delivers a service package that is customised to the individual requirements of the client. With its consulting, aCRM, creative, research, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), IT and digital business divisions, defacto.x is able to operate globally in 65 markets within a huge variety of industry sectors.

defacto.smartreach is responsible for the optimum networking of media, CRM and dialogue with respect to the acquisition of new end customers and/or customers' users. As the basis for its optimum use of paid media operations, the agency uses all the relevant internal and external data sources, target group information and CRM data. In this way, campaigns can be created that generate maximum leads and sales with the intelligent use of media along the customer journey. Under the umbrella of defacto.x and together with selected technology partners, defacto.smartreach manages all the relevant digital ranges (search, e-mail, display, video, affiliate, social, mobile and TV) across all channels. www.wyndhamberlinexcelsior.com

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