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Posted on Jan 23, 2014

There’s still time before the FIFA World Cup 2014 starts airing on your television screen, but it’s destined to be a whole different experience for fans, analysts, advertisers and anyone else planning to engage than it was 4 years ago. Your TV will remain the king for delivering the best experience for watching matches, however, social media and mobile will offer engagements that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible and deliver you a more personal, up-close experience.

Unruly Media’s social video predictions for 2014 reveal that social, video and mobile has been under the shadow of TV for a number of years, but this is the year where social video will fetch a greater marketing pie.

And the most popular sporting event in the world already entered the social and mobile arena few years ago when FIFA, the international football government body, announced a native YouTube channel and the national tourism board in Brazil created Brasil Quest for Android and iOS devices: a game that will familiarize users with the 12 cities that host FIFA World Cup matches in 2014.

Tweets per Minute stats when Usain Bolt came out on top in London 2012 Olympics were 74,000+ and they went up to a record 185,000 during live action during the Super Bowl 2013. The numbers is expected to significantly rise when the 2014 World Cup airs in June and July.

How marketers can gain advantage

Most media experts say that marketers need to interact frequently with soccer fans through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and even social channels where most of the users are females such as Pinterest. They also need to provide engaging content in the form of contests, question polls, exciting videos, match predictions etc. and there should be a focus on adding-value throughout the tournament. Marketers that reward consumers are likely to generate a greater ROI out of their campaigns. Those with decent budgets can start building a community around the event and then later soft-sell during live matches. Community building doesn’t necessarily have to come at a cost as advertisers can also leverage social channels such as Google+ to build a fan base for their brand based on the event and maintain a sporting dialogue throughout this season… Content marketing, fan engagement, rewards and digital interaction will be the top agenda for the next few months.

Wearable technology will offer a personalized experience

Wearable technology is going to play an influential role in how consumers prepare for World Cup 2014. For example, the miCoach monitoring platform from Adidas is a monitoring system that will take consumers on a personal fitness journey ahead of the event. Owners of Galaxy Gear smart watch will also be able to stream live matches on the go through dedicated FIFA World Cup 2014 applications and a few of those who possess a Google Glass will also be able to use third-party applications to tune into live matches. It’s going to be an exciting, and a lot more personal, World Cup 2014 for all of us.

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