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Posted on MAR 2012

Media channels are proliferating, devices are multiplying and audiences are becoming more and more fragmented. No, this is not the familiar description of the Middle East Media scene, but one that we all live and breathe daily: our own agency landscape.

Gone are the days of Mad Men where things were simpler in structure and resources, today media agencies not only need to keep up with media as it evolves, but also technoogy as it revamps our processes, procedures and thinking.

The challenge for media agencies is to find an approach that marries the management of media channels evolution and technology enablement so that it positively impacts the business environment and acts as an accelerator of business success.

Harnessing the power of technology can be a game changer in all areas from making media planning and buying operations work more efficiently to improving better communication and work- flow processes. The role of technology in today’s business is fundamental and has to be part of the agency’s business plan.

The media agency of the future will offer a combination of services across investment planning, communication planning, consultancy, technology provider/facilitator and content publishing. Technology will have a major part to play in every area of their offering and in some cases will be a key differentiator.

Usually when we think of technology in our industry, we are thinking about the latest tech platforms or marketing dashboards, and how to master it according to a number of devices. We must remember that technology - in the form of hardware, software, and integrated systems that aggregate data - is not something we use purely as avenues to connect with consumers.

So how can agencies approach technology advancement s to make a positive business impact both internally across business operations and externally, i.e. client’s media investment?

Well, the first step is to have a vision on what technology can do for your business. Carry out an audit with a clear outcome of what the media agency of the future should look like, what are your best people spending time on? If you find that it’s not strategy and client servicing, but endless hours of data entry and repetitive non-essential tasks, then something is wrong.

Taking this limited view of technology will impede media agencies from fully utilizing the tools that are out there to improve internal efficiency and campaign effectiveness. Here is a look at four key areas where marketing companies will need to use technology to stay ahead of the curve.

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